Promiscuous Affections
A Life in The Bar, 1969-2000

A mysterious disease
of unknown origin
Sex Wars
Safe sex? Chaps Bronski Beat

 "Deep within ourselves lingered a readiness to find ourselves guilty. We were ripe to embrace a viral infection as a moral punishment. ... Once we see this, we may take our lives and our self-determination back into our own hands."

Michael Lynch, in The Body Politic, November 1982

"Why wave the fag flag in their faces when you no longer hold the winning hand? It's time to be discreet. ... Just quit being such a filthy dick-pig, bath-house queen, indiscrete [sic] butt-chaser and uncontrollable whore."

Casey Klinger, editorializing in the US gay glossy Jock, 1986

"It is a fundamental ethical principle of health education that one should always aim to produce the minimum -- not the maximum -- number of necesssary changes in people's lives."

Simon Watney, British AIDS activist and author of Policing Desire, 1987

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